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Japanese Pediatric Treatment

For ages typically 2 months to 12 years.

All that's required to get started is for the parent to schedule their child as a New Patient, and further complete the initial paperwork and consultation to become an established patient.



Japanese pediatric acupuncture, referred to as Shonishin  (sho=little, ni=children, shin=needle) is a specialized and refined form of acupuncture treatment for infants and children that became renowned in the region of Osaka, Japan. Parents in Japan regularly take their children to acupuncturists for Shonishin treatment as it plays a major role in Pediatric Health Care. Children (and parents) like Shonishin because it is not painful nor intrusive, and thus not scary to the child. We're often pleased to hear from parents on future arrivals that their child is the one who asked to return for more treatment.

Shonishin is gentle and comfortable for children, as it doesn't require needles. Instead, treatment techniques use specialized blunt and rounded instruments to provide very delicate stimulation, which involves rhythmic stroking, rubbing, tapping, and pressing at the skin's surface. Though seemingly subtle, Shonishin effectively treats numerous conditions common in childhood, while it helps to strengthen a child's constitution to promote development and maintain good health.


Seasonal Tune-ups can help keep your child happy and well​!

Treatments for children are very brief, generally increasing as the child ages. Treatment takes between three to ten minutes to perform as children respond quickly. Allowing for familiarity a typical session will take no more than twenty minutes. Treatment is most effective when given several times per week until  symptoms show significant improvement, or are alleviated.




Shonishin can be used to treat the following conditions:


  • Failure to thrive syndrome

  • Weak constitution

  • Excessive Night Crying, Night Terrors, Temper Tantrums

  • Colic, Reflux, Constipation, and Diarrhea

  • Allergies, Asthma, Cough, and Colds

  • Eczema and Hives

  • Ear infections

  • Bed wetting

  • Pain of all kinds

  • Adjusting to Major Life Changes home, school
    separation, loss



To help prepare your child for Shonishin treatment:

  • Plan for your child’s appointment, so not to rush. Allowing for time before or between activities. It's best that your child is not overly stressed right before    the appointment, it will help you get better results.

  • Make sure your child has a chance to eat about two hours before the session.

  • Make sure your child avoids any stimulants, drinks that contain caffeine, chocolate, and sugary treats.

  • Dress your child in loose fitting clothing so that it can be easily moved out of   the way to access areas as needed.




Along with hands on treatment there is supportive help which can assist a child's self healing process, with the use of natural, safe, easily taken Flower remedies and Herbal medicine, in the form of palatable tinctures. This can lessen the use of antibiotics (a great example of this is in treating ear infection), and could reduce the dependency for medication. The formulas we dispense are U.S. based and follow standardized good manufacturing practices, which means they are routinely tested  to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants.





A convenient "Parent-Child" session is offered where both can be treated at one visit, and at a combined reduced rate. * Available to schedule only after both have completed their New Patient Initial Consultation.   

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