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Medical Healing Arts - Physician of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Care is taken to provide you with quality 
services. Our Integrative Eastern Medicine
practice uses acupuncture, cupping,
therapeutic massage, gua sha, 
energy work,  herbal medicine and 
other healing modalities to resolve 
your health concerns

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"Although people might
associate the use of needles with discomfort, this is not entirely so -  acupuncture can be a gentle, enjoyable experience providing needed relief. 
I've seen this healing modality change lives."  

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Japanese Acupuncture
Christine offers a gentle style of five-element Japanese acupuncture known as Toyohari, which emphasizes a refined "less is more" approach. ToyoHari effectively and painlessly aims at treating the root problem or imbalance while addressing the patient's symptoms. It is particularly helpful for musculo-skeletal complaints and associated conditions. Many acupuncture styles focus on helping the patient feel better but do not necessarily focus on nourishing energies at a deeper level; ToyoHari does just that. It is an excellent choice of acupuncture for all people, though especially for those who are sensitive to needles, the elderly and children. Anyone debilitated or chronically ill will find the treatment restorative. For more on the treatment of children: Shonishin (sho=little, ni=children, shin=needle). 

Shallow insertion of fine needles and gentle stimulation is performed to achieve desired results. Many techniques can be applied without the use of inserting traditional needles. This refined style of acupuncture places particular emphasis on the practitioner's use of palpation skills and pulse diagnosis, and importance on the continuing development of the practitioner through advanced study. To offer this specialty to you is unique. Outside of Japan, Christine is among an approximate 100 trained practitioners in the U.S. providing Toyohari style Japanese Acupuncture. 

Acupuncture sessions and treatment plans may also incorporate the use of hydrotherapy, massage, medical Qi-Gong, transdermal Herbal foot soaks, some form of subtle energetic therapy and as a customary part of treatment, provide herbal formulas and nutritional supplements, as well as lifestyle recommendations. All of which is dependent on your specific treatment plan.

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture- Facial Rejuvenation
(Beautiful Person) is a cosmetic acupuncture protocol based on traditional Chinese medicine that revitalizes and rejuvenates the face. This facial rejuvenation moistens, nourishes and hydrates the skin for a more youthful appearance. Promotes better muscle tone, and improves coloration and elasticity. It is a less expensive, less invasive holistic alternative to other procedures. In addition to looking better, you'll feel better. Other benefits may include increased energy, vitality and an overall sense of well-being. Also, Mei Zen abdominal protocols can be used to address gynecological complaints, and infertility issues. Examples of before and after pictures of individuals who have received the 10 treatment facial rejuvenation protocol.

Herbal Medicine
Carefully selected patented herbal formulas are chosen to address a person's main complaint or constitutional pattern. Formulas are prescribed along with acupuncture to reinforce its effects. Effective formulas are available to combat colds, flu and seasonal allergies! Using product lines that follow strict manufacturing guidelines to assure the formulas you are receiving are of the highest quality.

Massage Therapy
Christine has completed advanced studies in the field of touch therapy, and has helped individuals to alleviate all types of chronic and acute pain conditions, especially neck and back pain. Based on the fundamental principles of acupuncture and Oriental medicinethrough which the body’s “Qi” (vital life energy) is promoted- Her sessions emphasize massage techniques to stimulate the movement of both Qi and blood in areas where there may be stagnation or stasis.This includes a focus on stress reduction to allow your body to recognize and release tension and holding patterns with lasting results.  

Cupping Therapy
Is a modality that has been used in Oriental medicine for centuries. Cupping therapy is one of the best deep-tissue therapies available! The stationary or gliding use of glass cups relieves chronic or semi-acute pain conditions. Improves blood flow, promotes the lymphatic system- releasing congested tissue toxins & is Great for cold/flu relief.  Normally it is provided during an acupuncture session, though can be used alone. Consultation upon first visit will determine if cupping alone is right for you, and how best to use it for your concerns.

Acu-Chakra Balancing Method
ACBM is a mind-body balancing treatment that became fully developed in 2006 by Christine Ellis, your integrative Eastern Medicine practitioner. Crystal resonance, acupuncture or tuning fork acupressure and light touch therapies are skillfully blended assisting to enhance and balance the existing energetic vibrations of your 7 major energy centers. These centers connect with and help govern our body, mind and spirit. The subtle yet powerful treatment leaves you feeling calm, blissfully renewed and refreshed! Sessions are conducted fully clothed while lying on a massage table. A package of 3 is recommended.

All sessions include the complementary use of the BioMat. A FDA licensed medical device which produces warmth with far infrared heat, and negative ion therapy for immediate stress relief. Alleviates sore muscles, deepens relaxation, and increases cellular rejuvenation. 

"I've been seeing Christine Ellis regularly for over the past 20 years. She knows just what it is that I need, addressing whatever concerns I may have with a combination of massage and acupuncture. After each treatment I find myself again and again saying, 'Wow, that was great!', giving thanks because she really helped."   L.G.,  Gainesville, FL

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