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Medical Healing Arts - Physician of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Will Acupuncture Help Me?
The broad answer is that acupuncture is capable of treating nearly every condition. The response to treatment, however, will differ with each individual. Factors such as age, duration, complexity and severity of the condition, and lifestyle need to be taken in to consideration. 

To achieve the best results requires the patient's willingness to be open to the process, participation and cooperation. Acupuncture is typically not a one-shot deal. It works cumulatively, meaning one treatment builds on the next. On average Six consecutive treatments will resolve most common issues. At the very least you will find acupuncture will effect a positive change in the right direction. At it's core acupuncture is preventive medicine that supports and fosters overall health, so you will reap additional unexpected benefits too.

Does it hurt --- and is it safe?
The style of acupuncture that I provide along with my approach is very gentle. Specialized techniques using very, very fine flexible needles are used to insert and non-insertion of traditional needles can be effectively performed. Patients feel relaxed, with a deep sense of peace and well being during and after receiving a treatment.

If at all, the patient may feel a mild reaction upon insertion of the needle, experience tingling or warmth around the site, and possibly a traveling sensation from the site along a meridian's pathway.  

Throughout the United States, sterile-disposable packaged needles are used. Acupuncture physicians are trained, and adhere to universal precautions for the safety of their patients and themselves. Acupuncture practitioners are trained extensively in the proper techniques of needle placement and insertion--It's their profession, unlike other medical providers who may offer a similar technique, though may receive an equivalent amount of training as little as taking only a few weekend courses.

​Does Insurance cover Acupuncture?
Some insurers cover acupuncture. You can find out by calling the number on your insurance card. You pay for the services at the time rendered, and will receive a “superbill” from us that provides all the information you need to submit a claim to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you. It is a standardized form which insurers expect, and expedites the process for timely reimbursement. When services are covered by their plan, our patient's tell us they've not had any problem in receiving their direct reimbursements. We can assist you if needed.  * Medicare and Medicaid does not cover services at this time.

Medical Saving Account - 
Many Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts support the use of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Our system is set up to accept the use of your MSA debit card.

Is Acupuncture Tax Deductible?  
"Yes!”  So keep track of your treatments. The costs of acupuncture and prescribed herbal medicine are deductible medical expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions
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"12 years ago a friend of mine referred me to Christine for therapy to deal with my chronic neck pain resulting from an accident some years earlier. I did get relief after the 1st visit, though my condition is considered permanent so it took a few more visits until I felt the lasting type of relief that I experience now.  I schedule often because I require continued therapy. Christine understands my condition and continues to provide me with the best care!  I stress to my family and friends that "I can't miss my massage appointment". It has made a positive improvement in my daily life." 
Kathy,  Gainesville, FL

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